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The Reaqtor project is the result of over 15 years of investment from Microsoft, and has now been open sourced to the .NET Foundation under The MIT License.

The process of open sourcing Reaqtor took endjin, Microsoft and the .NET Foundation over 4 years to complete and involved 1000s of hours of meetings, proof of concepts, whitepapers, business cases, patent reviews and legal sign off, which cost many tens of thousands of dollars.

Now that the source code belongs to the community, it's vital for the community to support the project to ensure it has a long term, sustainable future. Reaqtor is an order of magnitude bigger than Reactive Extensions with over 166 projects, and 90 NuGet packages.

How you can help


If you'd like to drop in and chat about Reaqtor, we have a slack channel available at or if you have an issue, suggestion or contribution, please create an issue or PR via the GitHub repository.