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Provides specialized collection types.

Bit arrays

IBitArray represents a fixed-sized bit array whose bits can be set and tested. BitArrayFactory can be used to construct bit array instances, given a length.

IBitArray bits = BitArrayFactory.Create(5);
bits[0] = true;
bits[2] = true;
bits[3] = true;

bool isSet1 = bits[1];

Other members include Count to count the number of bits set, and SetAll(bool) to clear or set all bits.

Enum dictionaries

EnumDictionary provides an efficient IDictionary<TKey, TValue> implementation where TKey is an enumeration type.

IDictionary<ConsoleColor, string> map = EnumDictionary.Create<ConsoleColor, string>();
map[ConsoleColor.Red] = "Red";
map[ConsoleColor.Green] = "Green";
map[ConsoleColor.Blue] = "Blue";

This type is used by Reactor Core for efficient storage of metric values which are indexed using an enumeration value.