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Provides interoperability with Newtonsoft.Json using JsonReader and JsonWriter implementations.

Note: This assembly was introduced to provide interoperability between the lightweight Nuqleon.Json.Expressions object model and the Newtonsoft.Json object model, without having to go through intermediate string representations.


The JsonExpressionReader class inherits from Newtonsoft's JsonReader base class and supports reading from a Nuqleon.Json.Expressions.Expression object, passed to its constructor. The reader instance can then be passed to Newtonsoft's JsonSerializer.Deserialize method. For example:

var expr = Nuqleon.Json.Expressions.Expression.Parse("{ \"bar\": 42 }");
var reader = new JsonExpressionReader(expr);
var serializer = new Newtonsoft.Json.JsonSerializer();
var res = serializer.Deserialize(reader);


The JsonExpressionWriter class inherits from Newtonsoft's JsonWriter base class and supports constructing a Nuqleon.Json.Expressions.Expression object, exposed via the Expression property. The writer instance can be passed to Newtonsoft's JsonSerializer.Serialize method. For example:

var obj = new { bar = 42 };
var writer = new JsonExpressionWriter();
var serializer = new Newtonsoft.Json.JsonSerializer();
serializer.Serialize(writer, obj);
var expr = writer.Expression;