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Provides a type providing a view into a System.String to avoid allocations when performing string operations, e.g. Substring.

Note: This type predates the introduction of Span<T> APIs in .NET, which may provide a valid alternative.


A StringSegment is similar to an ArraySegment<char>. It provides a view over a System.String given an offset and a length. All accesses are bounds checked and get forwarded to the underlying string using the specified offset.

All APIs on System.String are supported, so a StringSegment can be used as a drop-in replacement for a System.String. A call to ToString will allocate a fresh System.String containing the substring of the original underlying string.

StringSegment segment = new StringSegment("foobar");

StringSegment res = segment.Substring(1, 3);

This type is useful when building efficient parsers.