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Provides a set of abstractions over notions of time, including clocks and stopwatches.

Note: These types are a generalization of time constructs in Rx, at the level of schedulers. They're generally usable in a variety of contexts, e.g. cache management.


IClock provides an abstraction of a clock providing ticks in values of type long through a property called Now. A variety of clock sources can be implemented using this interface.

Note: This simple interface generalizes the Now property on IScheduler in Rx. Conversions to other time representations can be layered on top.


These interfaces provide an abstraction over System.Diagnostics.Stopwatch by providing a factory type and a stopwatch interface type. Implementations of these interfaces can wrap existing stopwatches or be backed by a virtual time source.

Note: This provides a generalization over the corresponding types in the Rx scheduler infrastructure.